A Dad's 'Hip' rings transformed, bringing memories of his love.

(The letter from David, below, to his three sisters explains the project and its meaning far better than I could ever do.)

Dear Sis, 
      As Julia, prepped to move, she ran across Daddy's rings from his hip era.  Seeing as the rings were too big for her and no one in the family had enough swag to pull off Daddy's sense of style, she offered them to me as a keepsake.  Well I have too many keepsakes and live with a woman who believes someday everything that enters our house will be used again, which means I don't have any space either. Despite knowing I could not pull off donning the rings, I tried, and failed.

 Now, I had a predicament, wear the rings and be mistaken for Mike Brady or an Arizona drug dealer, or find another use for them.  I wanted to use the rings to remember Daddy daily.  I took his rings to a jeweler (who's children I put through college) and made a very specific request.  I wanted him to use all the materials in the rings to create something special for the 3 of you.

As requested, the silver was melted to create a pendant, the stones were removed, crushed and carefully inlaid in the pendant.  Once set the stones were ground to lay flat within the pendant and polished.  I had Brent (the jeweler) design the pendant with a  "Southwestern" background similar to the original style of many of the rings Daddy wore.  I hope you will wear these as proudly as he wore his rings and that they bring you daily, happy memories.
I love you,


The video to the left shows one of David's three sisters reading the letter above before, opening the special gift that he had created for her.

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