Sometimes you Just have to Change your Location

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Around 2003, I started to feel that we had about maximized the location next to Milano’s. Sales that had been growing year to year had begun to level off and even though our entrance faced the main road, we were still a little invisible. I had customers who had been eating at the restaurant next door for five years tell me that they did not know we were there. I guess when you’re hungry, you don’t notice your surroundings. Also, the spiral staircase between the two levels was getting really, really old for me and my staff. None of our knees were getting any younger. It was time to explore other possible locations.

One day, I saw in the Gastonia Gazette that John Bridgeman was planning on building a small retail center in front of the City Club just up New Hope road. He had Talbot’s lined up as the anchor store. After reading the article, I called John and was surprised that no other tenants had signed a lease. After some thoughtful and prayerful consideration, I decided to make the move.

By signing on before the building was actually built, John was able to let me work with the contractor, Pinnix to have a couple features added to the building that were specific to our use. I had windows built in the shop that let in a perfect Northern light. I designed an ideal shop that was efficient and pleasant to work in.

Ben Montgomery the architect and Pinnix took my design ideas for the space and brought it to life. I wanted the space to have an inviting feel that carried over some features and look of the old location with some ceiling and floor features that evoked a sense of flow and have a gallery feel. Specifically I wanted customers to feel at home and know visually that they were in Facet Foundry.

We made the move in 2005 and I discovered that when making a move the expenses are immediate and the increase business lags behind. I also discovered that when making a move the customer’s stop coming in about two weeks prior to the move and start coming back in about two weeks after. With closing for a week to actually move, we basically lost a month of business. Ouch! The bad thing about learning from experience is the experience you have to go through to do any learning.

After a couple months, we started to notice increased foot traffic from being in the new location. Talbot’s was the anchor and Julie’s was between us and Talbot’s. The income to expense ratio started to become positive. We had made a good move.

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