Good Fortune to have Stamps to Sell

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Sometimes you just never know how much of a huge impact a small decision can have on your life or business. One Sunday I decided to play hooky from church and visit a new jewelry trade show that had been put together by the North Carolina Jeweler’s Association. Being a member I felt that I needed to support it by making a day trip to High Point where the show was being held.

While walking up and down the sparsely populated aisles, looking at various jewelry offerings by different manufacturers, I walked past a mostly empty show case, however something caught my eye, and I backed up to investigate two lonely bead bracelets laying directly on a glass shelf toward the left end. It looked like they had been tossed on the glass and slid till they hit the side of the showcase with no fanfare or attempt to display them in an attractive way.

I asked the two sales representatives about the bracelets and they told me it was something new out of Denmark and the company was looking to put the product in jewelry stores in the U.S. They had just gotten the line and really did not know that much about it, however they wanted to drive down to Gastonia the next day, with their boss, Knud. (Pronounced K-Nuude).

So, on that Monday after a passionate, but very Danish sales presentation by Knud, I decided to give the line a try, by buying the minimum amount of product. It did not take long after that for Pandora to become an integral part of the business. Each year it did better and better and then exploded as it became the number one jewelry brand in the U.S.

My grandfather, Millard Fillmore Price, was still alive when Jan and I first opened. He came by the store one day and just grinned as he poked his walking cane at Jan. I think he was a bit smitten. While there he gave us some advice. He said that we needed to sell stamps, because everybody wanted and needed stamps. With Pandora we got our stamps to sell. Millard was right.

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