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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

While exploring affordable locations I was also exploring ways to generate income. Retail customers was the main goal, but I also was open to doing some wholesale work for other jewelers. It was during this time that I reached out to a jewelry acquaintance from the past, Jan Craft. Jan had a small shop just off of Garrison and I approached her about helping her out with any repairs or custom work. I told her what I was trying to do and by the end of the conversation we were collaborating as partners. We had a similar vision of presenting jewelry as an art form in a gallery type setting. My practical self knew that we also had to offer classic designs and service in order to have it be successful in our market.

It was during one of our early collaborative discussions that Facet Foundry Studio was born. Jan created our logo that has a triangle representing the ‘Facet’ of a gemstone within a textured circle, representing a crucible where the precious metal is molten like in a ‘Foundry’ and the squiggles coming out of the triangle and circle represent the creation coming out of the ‘Studio’.

We thought it was catchy and represented the creative process. Little did we know at the time, how many people would confuse the word ‘Facet’, the cut on a gemstone or diamond, with the word ‘Faucet’ which is a plumbing fixture. Oh well, it has led to a little humor over the years as I’ve heard variations of the name such as, “ The Faucet Factory”. Early on, Jan and I had a sales call from someone who stopped by to sell advertising. The sales rep came in the front door, stopped and looked around with a very puzzled look on her face and then proclaimed that she had thought we sold plumbing supplies.

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