Dissolving a Partnership

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

For five years, the business had grown due to the expansion, word of mouth and the advertising

we were doing. We had found our niche. During this time, we had to start thinking more like business owners instead of craftsmen. In order to grow, we had to hire a jeweler and other employees. We were learning as we went along.

Jan and I also learned that it could be difficult being partners, with differences of opinion on business decisions, coming up more frequently. At this point, in the life of the business, with developments in each of our personal lives, I made the decision to ask Jan to sell me her shares of the business. We came upon an agreement that worked for both of us and then asked our attorney to do the paperwork.

I will always consider Jan a friend and give her credit for helping to get the business off the ground in the beginning and help develop its core spirit. Those first years of working together to create something special out of nothing were some of the most rewarding and enjoyable years of my working career. Creating a business is like creating a piece of jewelry, painting or sculpture, you have the idea first and then bring it to life. You decide on the feel that you want it to have and select materials that you apply with skill and hard work in order to achieve the desired result. Along the way, you make mistakes that will cause you rethink your approach and sometimes mistakes will happen, that turn out to be a blessing.

I had a painting instructor at Appalachian State, name Dean Adelylote. He was about five foot, four with flaming red hair and a temper to match. He had a simple philosophy regarding learning to paint. He said, “You learn to paint by painting”. I remember him also saying that it would take ten years of painting before you would truly be painting in your style and not the style of your instructors. Those words of wisdom can be applied to creating, running and growing a business. Unless you have bought a franchise, there is not an operating manual. You just have to keep working at making it better, every day, rain or shine.

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