The First Year

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

In April of 1992 we opened the doors. Jan had a customer base that followed her, I had my family and friends along with a handful customers that followed me from Shelby and the really cute nurse I was married to, was working the word of mouth at the hospital.The Gazette did some really nice articles about us and our concept of promoting Jewelry as Art.There was no email, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter and the like. All we knew to do was good old fashioned, newspaper, direct mail, yellow page advertising and networking.Most of all I truly believed that if we did the best job possible and were always honest, fair and respectful to our customers we would succeed.

We put together a Grand Opening and invited our friends and family. If you know Jan you know that she has friends everywhere.She is the kind of person who is comfortable talking to a multi-millionaire CEO one minute and homeless person the next. She is such a unique personality with a huge heart.

We gradually had more and more business, mainly doing repairs and custom jewelry.We gradually grew from averaging 50 cents an hour for the first three months to making a whopping two dollars an hour by the end of the first year.

By the end of that first year we had hired our first part-time employee and Jan and Scott discovered that they were expecting one of those strange little, poop making humans. Jan, who found children to be a distant curiosity, was now destined to become the best mom ever, to her own bundle of joy, Kirstin.

Working with Jan during those early years was a blast. While working in the shop we could just about recite the entire movie “Raising Arizona”. One scene in the movie had special meaning to us. Two convicts have tunneled out of prison in the pouring rain and the scene shows a fist first punch up out of the muck, followed by the two convicts emerging out of the mud, being showered by the pouring rain. As we got more and more business and it looked like we would make it, we referred to that feeling as “ coming out of the mud"

“Turn to the Right!”

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