Updated: Aug 30, 2019

We now had to find a location that was in a good general area and that we could afford.We finally found our space in one of the Outback Shops behind Milano Italian Restaurant. The general area was excellent. It was in a building with a busy restaurant and other businesses.

As a bonus, because it was located on the back side of the building and at the very end it was cheap.

Since we had very little working capital, we did all of the up fitting ourselves, building walls, installing sheet rock and wiring. We found used showcases and through connections that we both had made, we were able to obtain merchandise. Our shop was comprised of tools and equipment that we both had accumulated.

One evening while I was painting walls, Jan came by to check on things.

I had my two young children there and my youngest, Ben was in diapers. Jan and her husband, Scott did not have children at that time and it was apparent to me that evening, that Jan had not been around little humans that much. A potent non-paint aroma indicated that I had a “Baby clean up on aisle six”, so I just took a quick break from painting, changed the diaper like I was a NASCAR crew member, folded up the package neatly, and sat it on the floor by the door.

Jan looked at me, stared at the package again, then looked back at me and inquired about how soon was I going to dispose of the offensive tire change .It was very obvious that it was a great worry and concern to her. Later she would learn that your own child’s poo is really, not a big deal.

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