Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Has it been that long?

The Facet Foundry Jewelry Family is celebrating 25 years at Facet Foundry Jewelry Studio. The festivities will begin on April 24th with a blue tag week of 25% off items with a blue tag.

See our webpage for more information on the festivities.

Brent takes a look back part 1:

Celebrating a milestone anniversary gives an opportunity to reflect. When looking back on 25 years at a glance, it seems like it has gone by quickly, however when reflecting on beginning the business, the early years, the changes, the challenges, the people who crossed paths through this little business, 25 years seems pretty darn close to a marathon. As we celebrate our 25 years in business, I will be giving a little insight each day about how the business was started and how it has survived and grown and made it to this point, despite the odds.

Decision to start a business

April, 1992. The beginning of Facet Foundry Jewelry Studio. After being unemployed several months I decided that at 30 years of age I would try to start a jewelry business. I had received degrees in Art Education and Art Marketing from Appalachian State University. Although I had obtained my North Carolina K - 12 teaching certificate to teach art in 1984, I had chosen the field of jewelry instead of teaching. I had always enjoyed making things and I seemed to have the knack for it.

In August of 1991, after around seven years of repairing, creating and designing jewelry for my employer, I became a victim of the recession of the early 1990’s. At that time, the term companies were using was “downsizing”. The term “blindsiding” was more appropriate. My employer had to cut costs. I understood totally, however it did not make any less painful having a one year old and a three-year-old at home. Thankfully my wife, Sabrina who is a nurse had steady income and insurance.

For the first week or two being newly unemployed was like having a much needed vacation, but then the reality of the situation set in. My job was to now to find a job. The first task at hand was to sign up for unemployment, which for me was a humbling experience. There was a funny moment on the day that I signed up, when I was with a group of other newly unemployed, a mixture of mostly textile employees made up of blue and white collar workers. The official informed us that we were to apply to at least two businesses a week to get our benefits. One woman asked that since both she and her husband were unemployed, could they just turn in one application each so it would be two for the household. Uh? No! Heck, I was filling out and turning in at least two a day.

I first approached other jewelers in town to see if they wanted a custom jeweler and goldsmith in house and found no takers. I then considered pursuing teaching again and in order to test the waters, I was a substitute art teacher for a few months. During this time I had also taken a sales job, selling gift items to florists and gift shops. It was after a sales call on Mrs. Banner of the Plac Rack, while sitting in my car, that I made the decision to hire myself and start a jewelry business. At that point in my life jewelry was what I knew best and if I failed, I figured I could get up and try something else.

So I went home to convince my wife, Sabrina that I was not crazy, given that we were in a recession, had two little kids, and had very little money to work with.

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