A Simple Symbol of Golden Love

Robert started carving when he was twelve.  Growing up in a small mill house near the Clair, Dunn & Armstrong Mills where my grandparents worked, his dad taught him the fine art of carving a monkey from a peach seed.  This specialized skill would serve him well in future years as it kept him occupied while his wife, Barbara would tirelessly shop, searching for an exceptionally marked down prize at Mathews-Belk or Iveys.

Recently, my mother Barbara, brought one of Dad's carved peach seed monkeys into the store and wanted her grandson Ben, our CAD design wizard to duplicate the monkey and cast it in gold.   We accomplished that task beautifully, and also made smaller versions in Sterling for my sisters and nieces. 

At the Christmas unveiling we got the rest of the story.  Dad had given that particular Peach Seed Monkey to Mom on their wedding day.  I can picture him carving the little monkey on his down time or on the sly while on the Army base, preparing it for the big wedding day when he was on leave.  He said that he had spent time giving it a little extra detail.  It's only fitting that Mom now has a golden version of Dad's original work of love that represents their continued commitment as they continue their journey together through the golden years.

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